Not only did this campaign win the pitch for the business– they liked it so much they started making it straight away.

Unfortunately, the CEO got cold feet at the last second and pulled the plug. Such is the way.


Insight: The competition all have long-running campaigns with familiar branding, recognizable spokespeople and catchy taglines. Long John Silver's has no money, but it is named after a famous pirate.


And what would a pirate do? Steal it all.


B& LongJohnSilvers Pitch 9-21-17 4.jpg



Our opening salvo: TV spots going after the biggest dogs out there.


[southern voice] Colonel Silvers here, changing up what you're used to with delicious Kentucky Fried Cod.

Fried in my famous original batter with 12 herbs and spices, just the way you love it. It's the chicken of the sea. Try my golden Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Cod Basket with fries and hushpuppies, for just $4.99.

Long John Silver's: It's thumb-suckin' great!




[deep voice] Plump, fresh caught wild shrimp: hand-battered, fried and seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

So different than the burgers you're used special...and so perfect, you almost can't bear to eat it.

But then... YOU EAT IT.




Wherever our competitors are, so are we.



When the other brands respond with lawyers, we'll be ready with cease-and-desist versions of our TV spots.


A few weeks ago, Long John Silver’s ran a commercial featuring a certain competitor’s clown mascot talking about how delicious their golden fried sea salt & cracked black pepper cod baskets are. It was a hilarious commercial. Many jokes were told.

Unfortunately, the other company didn’t love it and their lawyers asked our lawyers to take it down. So we did.

But that same sea salt and cracked black pepper cod basket is still available. They can never shut that down. That may sound like a whopper of a fishing tale to you. But we wouldn’t tell you a whopper when it comes to our fish.

Long John Silver’s. Home of the Whopper.




B& LongJohnSilvers Pitch 9-21-17 7.jpg




We'll show how sorry we are by firing our CMO once a month.






And we'll set up a law office call line for brands that feel they've been wronged.

B& LongJohnSilvers Pitch 9-21-17 8.jpg